Weziwe Mgxuma making waves in beauty spa industry!

Self-care as defined by those in the beauty industry, is everyone’s necessity and it should be practiced more often by women who embraces the essence of beauty and to femmes fatales.

This is what inspired a young visio-orientated Weziwe Mgxuma, a 33-year-old woman who founded a beauty spa known as Wezzys Mobile and Spa in Bloemfontein.

Weziwe told Kasi Voice News that, she started working in 2008 as a student therapist at a local spa, where she worked during weekends and public holidays.

“I honestly never imagined myself working in a beauty industry, I always imagined myself being a medical health professional, but I found myself enrolled for a National Diploma in Somatology in Central University of Technology (CUT),” said Weziwe.

Weziwe highlighted that, she worked at the hotel in Bloemfontein after graduating, that is when she started to learn about holistic health part of the beauty.

“Clients would give feedback about how they were healed after massage sessions,” Weziwe added.

The bona fide entrepreneur says she perceived that she can be her own boss, this is through the module, Business Management, that was incorporated in Somatology.

The goal-oriented Weziwe said that, she became to be more consistent in her business after she lost her job.

She said that amongst all people who uplifted her to not give up in life was her high school educator Me. Leshole.

Weziwe said that, the her major setback in her community is that people in her community are not familiar with the beauty spa service.

She believes that her community needs to be educated on self-care and beauty.

“Bringing business to the township is hard, we have to do more to convince clients to come to us as opposed to spa’s in urban areas or conurbations,” added the entrepreneur.

She further added that, after establishing mobile services, she lost most of her clients.

Weziwe said despite all challenges she went through, she is thrilled to have started her spa business and her pivotal role is to employ people most especially young people in the foreseeable future.

To enquire about the enormous work that the beautician is wrapping her fingers on, she can be reached on WhatsApp at 062 3643 020 or on Facebook.

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