Meqheleng uncle (59) who allegedly raped and then impregnated niece appears in dock!

A 59-year-old man who allegedly raped his niece and then impregnated the victim is set to make a brief appearance today, before the Ficksburg Magistrates Court.

According to police spokesperson Mmako Mophiring, the ordeal was reported by the concerned members of community in Meqheleng, Ficksburg after witnessing this shocking discovery.

“It was on May 31, when community members alerted police about the maltreatment and abuse of the child at a home in the Mgababa Village outside Peddie,” Mophiring told Kasi Voice News.

Mophiring says the suspect has been accused of sleeping with his niece between December 2018 and March 2023 until he impregnated the teenager last year, while she was still at the age of 16.

The victim finally gathered strength and confided in her teachers, who also brought the matter to the police’s attention this past Monday, September 11, which led to the arrest of the perpetrator.

“An official rape case was registered and the suspect was arrested on the same day,” revealed Mophiring.

Mophiring further added that the rape occurred for several times, before and after the pregnancy. 

“Due to her status as an orphan, she was afraid to report the matter. Her uncle threatened to chase her out of the house and instructed her to frame her boyfriend for the pregnancy,” says Mophiring.

Approximately 10% of South African girls are subject to Intra-familial child sexual abuse. 

Incest is most common between older male relatives and younger female children, regardless of class or race.

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