Welkom author aims to change bad parenting narrative through her book

Nomalanga Vanga (33) is the author of a Sesotho book Bokgopo ba Batswadi Baka, which is about bad parenting and how to improve it.

Although she currently resides in Welkom, the 33-year-old was born in Wesselsbron, Free State.

Her passion for writing was unearthed in 1999, when her mother passed away. Because it was difficult dealing with her mother’s sudden and painful passing, Nomalanga decided to turn her pain into words.

Bokgopo ba Batswadi Baka gives an insight on bad parenting. It also teaches parents to overcome past traumas, helping them learn to properly love their children. Nomalanga says having experienced this type of parenthood firsthand, from a family member, made her want to change that narrative.

According to the author, there came a time in her life when her situation was unbearable. As a result, she attempted suicide as a means of escaping the pain, but she survived.

“As a child, I felt helpless. Sometimes I felt like dying, and yes I attempted suicide because I wanted to kill the pain inside of me, but God saved my life” said Nomalanga.

Nomalanga says bad parenting has severe consequences as some children resort to suicide and alcohol and substance abuse as a way of dealing with anger because such behaviour causes anger and depression

She also emphasised that parents should go for counselling and seek guidance from God for them to be better parents.

“Children also need to speak up and seek help from social workers and teachers. No one is allowed to abuse them, not even their own parents. No matter what a child may have done, abuse it’s a NO,” informed the 33-year-old author.

She also highlighted that no one is perfect and that parents should seek guidance from God for them to be better parents.

“No one is perfect, but as a parent you should try to be good by loving yourself, your child and God,” added Nomalanga. 

Furthermore, Nomalanga believes her book will touch on old wounds, but ultimately help heal them. Her long-term goal regarding the book is for it to create a positive impact in households. She believes it to possible if both parents and children can seek divine intervention. She also wishes to translate the book into English so that it reaches more people. 

Bokgopo ba Batswadi Baka book will officially launch on October 7th. See poster for more details.

If you wish to follow her, simply search for Nomalanga Vanga on any social media platforms.

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