Donate Dress Foundation committed to changing lives

Today, many people start certain initiatives to just make money and not put people’s needs in front.

Rethabile Poho is a 25-year-old lady who started a non-profit organization (NPO) called Donate Dress Foundation to bring smile to the matriculants.

Donate a Dress Foundation focuses on promoting self confidence and inner beauty, to empower and to change lives for the best,” said Rethabile.

Rethabile shared little story to Kasi Voice News about her inspiration to initiate Donate Dress Foundation.

“In my high school days I saw a lot of girls that couldn’t attend prom dance because they couldn’t afford to buy a dress, not to mention getting a stylist or a makeup artist, so most of them always felt like it’s not necessary for them to attend their matric dance.

“So that’s why I decided to step in because personally I believe each and every person should celebrate because that’s when they wrap up high school experience/ memories as they’re about to start new chapters… so it’s very important,” she explained.

She also explained that such initiatives do not exist in the Free State, and this formed part of her attributes to strive for greatness.

Since its inception in November 2019, the NPO has helped two schools and a teenage boy who stays in a shelter.

She advised people that they must start NPO to help out communities not for their personal gains or because they want to be well-known.

“My advice to young people is… to work extra hard for what you want in life, always put God first in everything that you do and never let anyone tell you don’t have what it takes to make your dreams come true… trust your vision and believe in it,” she concluded.

The young, inspirational lady can be found on Instagram or on 079 856 2908/ 081 435 8662, while another alternative to reach out to her is through email at:

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