Cops, FS Education officials intensify safety awareness campaign in Mmahabane

Free State education officials together with the police, recently held a crime awareness campaign around the township of Ventersburg, Mmamahabane educating residents and school children over crime related activities, bullying, child abuse and drugs.

Lejweleputswa police spokesperson, captain Stephen Thakeng said, the awareness campaign launched since morning has been well received by residents as they are eager to learn more of safety tips and to protect themselves from criminal elements.

During the campaign, police officers also used the opportunity to speak to community members about the social ills that affect the community.

The police distributed crime hints, gender-based violence pamphlets to motorists and residents.

The school learners also marched the streets with crime prevention boards that were written “No bullying” and “No drugs”.

Locals were also urged to anonymously inform police officers about drug dealers who they know by dialing the crime hotspot toll free number 08600 10111.

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