Thabong cops embark on awareness campaign to combat crime

Lejweleputswa police were out in full force as they converged in a community meeting for an awareness campaign to address serious elements of criminal activities taking rife in the area of Thabong.

Police spokesperson captain Stephen Thakeng, says the police are working intensively to tighter monitoring in areas identified as crime hotspots across Thabong.

Partnership policing held an awareness campaign in Welkom’s crime hotspots after the town was riddled with femicide, gang violence, murders, robberies, burglaries, shootings, among many other crimes.

The campaign took place on Wednesaday, August 3 at Boitumelo Mall and at the Momentum shopping centre.

Community members joined the police to discuss risk factors and safety measures.

“Members of the public were given tips on how to stay safe amidst rifeness of crime in the community,” says Thakeng.

On the other hand business owners were instructed to be alert at all times and to strengthen security when opening and closing their businesses.

Furthermore, the police pleaded with the community members to report any suspicious activities, persons and cars to them.  

Thabong is considered to be one of the most violent townships in the Free State.

Last month, a well-known business man Motheone Nyamane was gunned down by unknown hitmen upon his arrival at his home.

While on Monday, an armed robbery took place at a Puma petrol station.

Thakeng told Kasi Voice News that the campaign came at a perfect time to address these issues.

He added that, a total of 200 pamphlets with crime hints were distributed to the community members.

“We will continue to educate our communities just to ensure that they are and feel safe wherever they are and again continue to encourage them to police themselves. We want our residents to be a reporting nation” said Thakeng.

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