Cape Town woman (25) unpacks agony of losing eye for rejecting man’s proposal

Nikita Kalubi (25) encountered a horrific ordeal that left her with one eye after rejecting a man in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

On the day of the incident, Nikkita and her boyfriend as well as two other friends went to run errands in Mowbray. To their surprise, they encountered a rather strange and disrespectful behaviour from a local African man.

Upon returning, they decided to swing by a vetkoek shop before heading over to their other friends. Suddenly, a man began harassing Nikita by making uncomfortable remarks and inappropriately touching her.

Her boyfriend intervened as he noticed how uncomfortable his girlfriend was. Despite the boyfriend’s intervention, the man carried on. He further stated that he loved Nikita and “wanted her to be his”.

The couple reprimanded him until he stopped. They then continued with their journey thinking the madness had passed.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. They encountered the perpetrator yet again headed in their direction, this time with his hands behind his back. It did not come as a concern, as they thought he backed down. However, Nikita suddenly felt a brick hit her face. The man immediately ran away thereafter.

The 25-year-old collapsed and was rushed to the hospital by her boyfriend. She woke up at Khayelitsha District Hospital stitched up and with no consciousness.

It is reported that the severe damage on her eye, resulted in surgical removal.

According to the hospital, the victim was transferred to Tygerberg for further assessment. In an attempt to prevent this, Nikita’s mother – Veronica, suggested they get a second opinion at Vergelegen Medi Clinic. Unfortunately, they received the same advice.

The doctor explained that during her fall backwards, Nikita’s eye was slashed in half, leading to the pupil getting smashed into pieces and some parts of the sclera went through to the back of her skull.

As a result, the eye was removed. Nikita must wait two months to heal before she can receive an artificial one. Nikita’s injury was so extreme that it affected her nasal bone, which in turn affected her sense of smell.

The perpetrator is not a complete stranger to Nikita as she has seen him around town before. However, he had never approached her in that manner, only that he would make sexual comments at her. According to Nikita, “that is what men do,” so she did not pay much attention to him those times.

“I am still in disbelief about the whole ordeal. Still trying to process the fact that my life has changed drastically and forever, but I am grateful for the support I am receiving from everyone around me – friends and family, and even strangers.

However, I struggle to stand in front of a mirror, I cry every time I try. It is heart-breaking and scary,” said Nikita. 

Veronica says she also finds it hard to deal with their sad reality and still fails to comprehend that her daughter lost an eye in that manner.

“I’m very hurt with what happened to my daughter. What hurts the most is how it happened. I would make peace with her losing her eye in an accident, but the fact that some guy decided to crash her face with a brick cuts deep in me,” added Veronica.

The family opened a case at Lingelethu West police station, but no arrest this far. According to the police, they have been unable to track the suspect down even though his photos and names were provided to them. Meanwhile, Nikita’s life has changed drastically and she relies on medication to get through her days.

Due to this, Nikita’s mother feels let down by the police and has very little to no hope that justice will be served.

“The sergeant in charge of the case has never contacted me. I don’t even know if he is investigating this case. Furthermore, he hasn’t spoken to the ophthalmologist or been to Vergelegen Mediclinic either. The day we opened a case, the officer sent me to Tygerberg to get a J88 completed. Upon arrival I was told that the police know they must collect it themselves,” informed Veronica.

In an interview with Kasi Voice News, Veronica said that the perpetrator is seen everyday living his life freely. When she notifies the police about his where abouts, they respond to the information after hours.

At first, she was told there were no vehicles available to go fetch him. She was then given one of the officer’s numbers after complaining to the station commander.

Veronica says the police are now counting on her to call them when she finds out about the suspect’s whereabouts. What worries her the most is the possibility of the suspect fleeing due to the police’s incompetence.

The 25-year-old victim has not received counselling yet. Furthermore, all her mother’s funds were exhausted in Nikita’s medical expenses. Because she is unemployed, Veronica says they would appreciate for Nikita to receive free counselling.

Currently, the mother and daughter are sourcing funds for her nose surgery.

Nikita’s dreams are shuttered as everything has to be on hold because of her sad situation. She had plans of getting into pageantry, being an influencer and was in the process of registering a company. Kasi Voice News wishes Nikita a speedy recovery.

Anyone with information that may assist the police in arresting the suspect may contact the Lingelethu West police on 0213602260.

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