Mxolisi Dukwana aims to grow FS’s economy with Jiangsu province

The Free State Premier – Mxolisi Dukwana, and the Jiangsu provincial leadership held a meeting at Xikang Hotel in Jiangsu’s capital, Nanjing over the weekend. The aim was to discuss the expansion of agricultural science and technology cooperation in Free State. Govenor Xu Kunlin led the meeting.

As a producer of agricultural equipment, Jiangsu has a well-developed economic power base. Agricultural science, personnel exchange, and training have been extensive areas of cooperation between Jiangsu and South Africa. Furthermore, their animal husbandry college has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Maluti TVET in Qwaqwa.

The two leaders in agricultural science, agro-processing and machinery agreed on a mutually beneficial cooperation. According to Dukwana, this agricultural trade cooperation will strengthen relations as the two provinces are complementary.

“We also want to focus on planting, irrigation, storage, and transportation networks,” added Dukwana.

In order to sharpen its competitive edge, Jiangsu awaits imports of wine, beef, and citrus fruits from South Africa.

The two mayors shaking hands after signing the agreement.

On September 10th, an MoU for the outward mission to the People’s Republic of China was undertaken by Dukwana. The Xhariep district municipality mayor – Irene Mehlomakulu, and Yangzhou mayor – Pan Guoqiang, signed the agreement.

A multilateral agreement shows the province’s commitment to promoting trade, skills development, enhancing human capital, embracing the green economy, and searching for innovative solutions to grow the economy.

“The tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, and energy sectors have great growth potential in Xhariep municipality,” said Dukwana in his addres to the Yangzhou mayor – Pan Guoqiang.

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One thought on “Mxolisi Dukwana aims to grow FS’s economy with Jiangsu province

  1. Good Morning Kasi Voice Team, This is really interesting news indeed, And I am so happy to see this. But I am not trusting our Leaders in the Government, because when they see the money, They just think of themselves and their families.

    People are suffering on the ground because of our own government, The same government that we put our vote on the them. Because we trusted them.

    Today our children are dying of drugs and Nyaope 😭😭😭😭 and our government doesn’t say nothing about it, Our Country is Over populated by illegal migrants, Our own government doesn’t do nothing about it. Foreigners are over powering SOUTH AFRICAN, the same government the put them on the HIGHER LEVELS they don’t do nothing about it. They don’t say nothing about it.

    We are leaving in fear in our own Country, is like we are foreigners IN OUR OWN COUNTRY. Some body must say same thing about this.



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