Police minister Bheki Cele to probe East London tavern stampede, after 20 killed!

This morning the nation woke up to saddening news of youngsters who died in a club in East London, Eastern Cape.

Police minister Bheki Cele is alleged to be making his way to the crime scene accompanied by authorities to probe the cause of tragedy.

As developments are emerging, it is reported that the death toll has now risen to 20, after it was previously announced that 17 people died.

According to credible sources, deaths emanated from a night of celebration by high schoolers commemorating a ‘Pens down’ event at Enyobeni Tavern.

The authorities have not yet determined the cause of deaths.

Speculations claim that, a mob of teens have died from an exposure of poison inhaled or stampede since bodies had no signs of physical injuries.

Sources stated that, when the owner wanted to close up the tavern, the jubilant youth refused to leave. As a result, the owner sprayed an unknown substance into the air in an attempt to kick them out, but the substance ended up killing them.

As the news of the deaths spread across the community, parents and relatives came in numbers and desperately sought to enter the tavern to look for their loved ones.

Various authority personnel, ranging from the police to the paramedics restricted the families as they inspected the premises.

Inside the tavern, there was a horrific scene for one to bear as bodies lied on tables, chairs and across the floor.

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