Editorial | Eliminate those gremlins of self-doubt

Sometimes things don’t always go our way. Life is not how we envisioned it to be. Our lives are stagnant with no sign of hope.

We seem to be going around in circles with no direction. Some look at their chronological age and decides to throw in the towel because to them, it is already too late to turn their lives around.

Some don’t even attempt to take risks in life because they feel unworthy, undeserving, uneducated, or educated but not good enough. They create all sorts of excuses to not take a leap of faith.

Question is if you have given up in your own life, who do you think will believe in you? If you have self-doubt or believe you are a failure or amount to nothing, how then do you expect other people to believe in you?

If you have declared yourself as a failure. How will others see you as a winner? I highly doubt they will.

Self-doubt has killed the dreams of many, it has crippled many people, instead of sprinting, they are crawling because of it. Many were held back by self-doubt, it hindered them from jumping into the pool of opportunities.

It is controlling numerous people, just like a horse that is pulled by the bridles, self-doubt is pulling people into a miserable life that they could have avoided, if they had believed in themselves.

Eliminate those gremlins of self-doubt. You must be your biggest supporter, believe in yourself even if no one believes in you.

You owe yourself a better life but for you to live that life you must eliminate self-doubt if it is part of your life, chances of you living a better life are slim. If you don’t believe in yourself then at least believe in the one who created you.

God didn’t create a failure; he doesn’t like it when you doubt yourself because you were created in his image.

He doesn’t like it when you doubt him or his word. The word of God is irrevocable, it is like rain, we have never seen rain go back to heaven, so is the word of God. It was sent forth to fulfil the purpose to which it was sent for.

Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Make this verse your song, sing it in the morning, in the afternoon and at night.

Sing it when things are good and when they are bad. self-doubt has delayed your life for far too long. Now its time to hold on to the word of God, go out there with it and fly high like an eagle.

Don’t let anyone discourage you, don’t let anyone demotivate you, don’t let your disadvantaged background dictate to you. Bury that self-doubt and never resurrect it no matter what thorns comes your way.

May you never forget who you are. Go and shine, it is your time, it is your season.

God bless you!

Jaydee Mallane is a seasonal journalist with extensive years of experience in media industry.
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