Pan-Africanists movements to restore humanity, foster prosperity

Over the weekend, four Pan-Africanist movements namely PAC, APC, AZAPO as well as the Land Party attended the ATM national policy conference.

According to the ATM spokesperson, Zama Ntshona, five political parties stood in solidarity and pledged to engage each other towards a unified effort to give a holistic liberation to the South African citizens.

“Presidents Vuyo Zungula (ATM), Themba Godi (APC), Mzwanele Nyontso (PAC), Nelvis Qekema (AZAPO) and Gcobani Ndzongana (Land Party) took a unity of purpose stand before 1 521 delegates ahead of the 2024 elections and beyond” added Zama.

The successful 3-day policy conference focused on the following policies: economic transformation; international relations; state security (peace & stability); rural development and agrarian reform; youth development; health; education and training, labour; faith affairs and traditional affairs.

Their aim is to improve lives by implementing the above and ensuring people’s best interests are always considered.

Conference adopted the discussion documents, inputs and amendments. They then concluded that the NEC processes and finalizes as per ATM’s policy.

Pan-Africanism stands for strengthening bonds of solidarity between indigenous and diasporic Africans and their descendants. This ideology was founded on sharing a common culture and establishing an African nation.

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