Mixed reactions as minister Sisulu calls for govt to institute ‘Chemical Castration’ against rapists

The ANC Women’s League’s proposal for chemical castration policy to punish rapists has emerged again at the party’s recent sixth policy conference, echoed by the party’s social transformation subcommittee head and Tourism minister Lindiwe Sisulu.

Sisulu yet again appealed to the governing party’s national policy conference to approve the idea during the plenary session on Sunday.

This is due to a rapid rise of rape cases taking toll in the country.

The recent Krugersdorp rape ‘horror’ has angered South Africans, after eight women were gang-raped by 80 suspects who are currently in police custody after they were nabbed over the weekend.

The rape of eight women has shined the spotlight on the increasing incidents of gender-based violence in the country, and the ANC Women’s League has proposed for the rule of law to deal decisively with perpetrators.

Previously, the Commission on Gender Equality embarked on a massive oversight visit to over 70 police stations across the country to further assess backlogs facing the police in dealing with gender-based violence related cases.

To their discovery, the Commission unearthed that the police have enormous setbacks to deal with GBV cases.

Sisulu, the vocal minister over women issues, has came out with guns blazing to declare “It’s now or never“, indicating that the Women’s league will do everything in their power to ensure, the proposed chemical castration for convicted rapists is rubber-stamped.

Chemical castration in men is the use of particular chemicals in the aim of lowering testosterone levels by reducing man’s libido and or sexual activity.

Sisulu said that the suggestion was made by the Women’s League but delegates disapproved with the adoption of the policy, citing a harsh punishment, that is against the constitution.

“We then went to deal with how we are going to propose that plenary deals with matters of people who are found to have violated women by raping them,” she said.

Following this robust remarks by Sisulu, South Africans had mixed reactions expressing their views, with majority endorsing Sisulu’s call for the policy to be adopted.

Tweeps on Twitter said the punishment is fair, whilst others fear that people will be falsely accused.

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