Thabo has big plans for his unique ‘Kasi Sushi’ business

Almost everyone in the world have passion, but what makes us to be different is the ability to be unique.

Coco Channel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different,”.

A 34-year-old Thabo Radibuseng is no different from the phrase as he opened a sushi business called Kasi Sushi.

In a wide range interview with Kasi Voice News, the proud Bloemfontein-born said he was passionate about cooking, and he was eager to try something and be different from other people who also cook.

“What inspired me to start my business was the love I had for cooking and loving the challenge to make people happy and connect through my work is always a bliss,” said Thabo.

The passionate cook mentioned that being featured in Durban-July festival this year in Free State marquee was a milestone.

Thabo said that, apart from making money from his business he remain grateful that he was able to employ two staff members that could learn from him.

Thabo highlighted his obstacle is being compared to major and famously known sushi businesses, as his hustling is serving ordinary and low class people.

He furthermore added that, as part of giving out to youth empowerment drive, he invented a basic sushi training to pass his skills to young people passionate about cooking.

Thabo concluded that, he sees himself employing more than four people in future and being invited to major events.

Here are some of his services:

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