Moleboheng Maseko’s book ‘Healing a Daughter’explores her lost childhood

Moleboheng Elizabeth Maseko, now Mrs Nokhaya Sias, is a 32-year-old lady who was born and raised in a town called Botshabelo, in the Free State. She is the first of five children; three girls and two boys.

She moved in with her grandmother after the passing of her parents. She then started commuting between Botshabelo and Bloemfontein, which was very strenuous.

Moleboheng has always loved jotting down her feelings and thoughts.

She grew up not being able to express herself and the things that she went through, so she used to keep a diary. It was when her privacy was invaded that she thought to find a new way to write and mask words. She did that by constantly reading Shakespeare poems.

“I had always loved Shakespearean poetry and the nature of his writing led me to writing my own stories in a way that could be masked. I started using many puns and other figures of speech to hide my words and I became very good at it,” said Moleboheng.

When she was in high school, she used to publish her poems/notes on Facebook until her readers started asking that she writes a book. She officially started writing this book ‘Healing A Daughter‘ in 2021 and got published in April 2022 and they went to print in June of that same year (2022).

Moleboheng began writing notes on her phone during pregnancy. She completed her book post-birth, overcoming challenges like emotional turmoil, fatigue, and postpartum illness. Despite these obstacles, she persevered.

Moleboheng was inspired by her own reliance, the support of her maternal grandmother, her siblings, and her husband. Her son is her biggest motivation, as healing is crucial to prevent her from bleeding on him, ensuring he receives the healthiest and happiest parts of her.

Her family and husband have been invaluable in her journey. She advice youth and everyone who wishes to become a writer by saying that It is important to love reading.

Taking up writing classes also helps develop your skills along with actually having the love for writing. Writing requires patience, which is something people lack, hence they don’t complete their manuscripts.

Writing is not easy, so if you want to be a writer you need to be prepared to work long hours which at times produce nothing.

Connect with other writers and invest time learning and advancing your own craft. Read as much as you can.

She is currently in the process of writing another book while she continues to push ‘Healing A Daughter’.


Healing A Daughter is a compilation of poems. Each poem highlights major transformation points in Moleboheng’s life; moments and acts which helped shape the woman she is today.

She talks about her sexual abuse, suicide attempts, mommy and daddy issues. Finding her way, getting married and being a mother. She also talks about the societal issues that most women face and she touches on religion vs spirituality and homosexuality.

Each poem in this book gives a reader a clear picture of the pain and cries Moleboheng shared, and how the light came about in her life.

According to the book, like most victims of sexual abuse, especially from a young age, she grew up very reserved and not knowing how to deal with things she would never voice.

The book states that Moleboheng grew up in a family that believed in unity, not only among its members but with the friends they made, so it was very for difficult to speak up and out about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of the very family friends her family valued.

She was raped by two different men on numerous occasions and molested by another, all under the roof she called home.

She had undergone therapy in her teen years and had never thought that she would be raped again as an adult. she was held against her will and fell pregnant, a pregnancy she chose to terminate.

Due to the nature of her upbringing, witnessing adultery first hand from her father, trying to speak up but end up getting caught in the middle of her parents issues, her mother’s death at a young age, being unable to share the traumas of her childhood and constantly seeing the men who stole her childhood and innocence, she found herself drawn to suicide, first as an idea until her first attempt, when she was in high school; which lead to three more unsuccessful attempts as a young adult.

In the book, she also talks about how she found herself hating a God who was always thrown in her face. She felt like God did not care about her pain and he only expects forgiveness from her.

“I chose to tell my story. firstly, so that I can remove the shame that I have been carrying because the nature of a victim is almost always to blame yourself.

Secondly, knowing how it is to be told to keep quiet for the sake of family relations, I knew that I would inspire other people to tell their stories. All too often the victim is silenced while the perpetrators walk with their heads held high,” said Moleboheng.

With this book, her aim was and is to not only share her stories, but to show other victims that if she can change the narrative, so can they.

It is possible to hurt beyond words and still find happiness. That happiness and joy are not reserved only for certain people.

She needed to show the girl next door, whom like herself suffered under the umbrella ignorance and family politics, that she has the right to tell her story and seek healing.

She also addressed how toxic relationships between parents ultimately end up hurting the children more than if they would separate.

There is no honour in staying for the children if all that is going to happen is them suffering. But most importantly, she wanted to show that it is possible to go through the worst pains, to give up on yourself, on religion and in life and still
have things change.

“Now my relationship with God is stronger,” She said. This is a book for the girl next door who just wants to heal and find love.

Moleboheng’s favourite quote from the book “she is stronger now; she is more protective; she has more fire; Goddamned, she is a storm now” “She is a woman now.”

You can get yourself a copy of a ‘Healing A Daughter’ directly from the Author at only R150 excluding courier.

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