Meet Vuyisile Adoons, who gives visual art a new dimension!

Painting is the art that is used by artists to tell us their unique stories.

Like Jackson Pollock who once said, “Painting is a self-discovery. Every good artist paint what he is.”

Vuyisile Adoons is a 34-year-old man who unleashed his potential and invented an artwork brand called Vuyisile A.Art that specializes with painting.

He affirmed that his paintings are too South African, they focus on how people live on their daily basis.

The self-driven artist revealed to the Ultimate voice of community that his passion for visual art, started at a tender age of 10 years.

“I have been drawing from the age of 10 and I was inspired by my childhood memories and experiences, I was also inspired by older people,” said Vuyisile.

For the love of art, Vuyisile pursued to enroll for a diploma in Art and Design in Central Johannesburg TVET College, in Johannesburg, Gauteng province after completing his matric.

Vuyisile said that the setback he faced were not having adequate funding to buy art material.

The Rouxville born-star highlighted that the global pandemic, Covid-19 also had negative impact on his business.

Despite all the setbacks, the goal-oriented Vuyisile he is still grateful that he was featured on the cover page of the National Museum’s annual report 2020/21 presented in parliament for that financial year.

He also appeared in the front page of South African Artist Magazine in 2019 – a well-designed outlet that showcased stellar work by professional artists.

Vuyisile wishes to pass his art skills to the younger generation by opening an art academy in the next decade.

The self-motivated entrepreneur can be contacted at 0733027890 or 0739987241 or alternatively to send an email at

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