Is President Ramaphosa forcefully vaccinating the nation?

Following his first family meeting for the year, President Cyril Ramaphosa took to the national television on Tuesday evening, to make the so much-anticipated announcement related to new adjustment to Covid-19 eased regulations.

In his address, the President made a proclamation that as of Wednesday, 23 March, sports venues and places of interest will host 50% of their capacity.

However, conditions means that individuals would be required to present a vaccination certificate to enter these premises.

Alternatively, people would need to produce negative Covid-19 test results not older than 72 hours.

Post his speech, aggrieved people took to the streets of Twitter that the president was not trustworthy.

This came after Ramaphosa’s speech in 2021, where he stated, “No one would be forced to take the vaccine.”

Furthermore, the President also announced, in his 2021 speech, that people would not be forbidden from travelling, attending school or taking part in public activities if they are not vaccinated.

On Tuesday evening, the announcement that people would only enter certain places on the aforementioned condition angered many individuals.

This announcement took people by surprise as they thought they could live normally even if they hadn’t vaccinated.

In his recent speeches, President Ramaphosa has repeatedly announced implementations that advocate for one’s mandatory vaccination.

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