Municipal employee, accomplices arrested with copper cable following police chase

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Brandfort SAPS tailed a Toyota Quantum, arrested four suspects with copper cable and seized their vehicle on Thursday, 25 November 2021.

Upon their patrol on R30 ZR Mahabane Road, Rapid Rail Police Unit noticed a suspicious Toyota Quantum with FS number plates, headed in in the direction of Brandfort.

Members followed the vehicle with police-marked cars, indicated to the driver to stop but the suspect sped off. Officers then chased the minibus and requested for back up from Brandfort SAPS.

During the chase, suspect driving the minibus took Majwemasweu direction. They tried loosing the police by turning into different streets.

Suspects also started throwing out some of the copper cable through their vehicle windows.

One member fired a shot at the minibus’ wheel, and the suspect driver stopped and parked the minibus.

Officers found copper cable valued at R45 000 inside the minibus. Further investigation revealed the copper cable belonged to Masilonyana Municipality.

Members arrested four suspects aged 27; 38; 47; and 57. Furthermore, it was revealed that one of the suspects works for the municipality.

Sergeant Bekithemba Mantla; Sergent Mzukisi Madyo; Constable Zingisa Mbasane; and Constable Mpumelelo Bobo are Rapid Rail Police Unit members who effected the arrests.

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