Eskom officials arrested with copper cable valued R540 000

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Two Eskom employees were arrested on Tuesday and face charges of theft in connection after bust with copper cable valued at R540 000 in Lindsay road Welkom.

A police officer of Welkom K9 unit was on vehicle patrol when he noticed Eskom bakkie with copper cable loaded in the busy road.

The bakkie was approached and two Eskom employees were asked for the documents as they were in possession of large quantity of copper cable in the mine premises.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the copper cable was stolen from Eskom workshop in Alma road which was confirmed by the manager.

The two employees aged 38 and 40 years old were arrested for possession of suspected copper cable with Eskom bakkie and Mercedes truck with a crane.

Seized copper cable is 170 metres valued R540 000 .

The suspects will appear before the Welkom Magistrate Court on Thursday on the underlined charges of theft.

“Another breakthrough of copper cable bust, this time employees of Eskom. We will continue clamping down “izinyokas” copper cable thieves and put them where they belong, behind bars to face the full might of the law,” said District Commissioner of Lejweleputswa, Major Gen Lerato Molale .

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