EFF scoops ‘first’ mayoral seat as Motjeane elected new Metsimaholo mayor!

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In what came as a shock revelation to many, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) bagged their very first seat since the party emerged in the local government elections.

The year 2021, is the year that most South Africans will earmark as the epic year and a fantasy one in the history of modern Mzansi’s politics.

This follows after the EFF’s Selloane Motjeane was elected as the executive mayor of the embattled Metsimaholo local municipality.

Aftermath of the 2021 local government elections, the ANC became the leading party with 55.9%, while the EFF became the second opposition party with 25.18%, with the VF Plus in the third position with 6.56%.

The municipality which has been labelled as a kraal of dirty politics and lack of proper infrastructure, has been placed under a series of parliament’s review over squabbles of municipal managers.

At some point the municipality has been struggling with vacant senior management positions amid alleged political interference, regression in audit outcomes and deterioration of systems of internal controls, among other issues.

Metsimaholo was run under a joint coalition government by the South African Communist Party (SACP), the Forum for Service Delivery (FSD) and the African Independent Congress (AIC) post the 2016 elections.

However, things got sketchy for the alliances over power rule within the ailing township.

Things got out of hand just a month ago when the scandalous ‘R20m’ fence fiasco story came to the public domain, in which the SACP failed the residents of Metsimaholo in broad daylight.

This became a major factor which collapsed what was already a dead-end for the coalition partners.

Residents of Metsimaholo will now have the newly elected mayor, who her appointment came as a shock to even the EFF.

While engaging with the EFF’s chairperson within the region, Mandisa Makesini, she said the EFF didn’t blink an eye to forsee the party taking control of the municipality they have been long-wanting for years.

“We are all surprised and shocked when Selloane was elected as the mayor, we didn’t have any coalition with any party,” said Makesini.

“The ANC and ourselves didn’t have any talks over the run of the municipality, I can confidently say the party has factions, and this led to the fallout within the party, as some members casted their votes for our mayoral candidate,” she said.

“We are in Maluti-A-Phofung now and we don’t know who will come out but we are confident that we might secure a seat from the party,” she said over the much anticipated outcome results of new executives for Maluti-A-Phofung.

The newly elected Motjeane, was born in Sasolburg, and she enjoyed her spell in politics while she was in the ANCYL, and following her departure in 2013, she joined the newly formed EFF, in which she has been within its structures since its formation.

She served as the deputy secretary of the EFF within the region of the Fezile Dabi district for quite some time.

And she was elected then elected as an official and unopposed secretary-general in the last three months.

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