Awareness campaign to address stock theft, illegal hunting

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On Thursday, 18 November 2021, police and stakeholders held an awareness campaign at Mmamahabane Library. They focused on illegal hunting and stock theft.

Police advised residents not to trespass in the farms and also warned them of how their dogs might attack farmers’ live stock.

No one, not even farmers in their properties, must take the law into their own hands. They must follow the legal route, which is to hand over illegal hunters to authorities for proper law enforcement procedures to be followed.

Police arrested two farmers for shooting and killing five dogs; attempted murder; and assault in Ventersburg. The case is still in court as the farmers received bail.

Counting and branding of live stock helps police when a sheep or cow is stranded or stolen. Authorities can detect an owner through the brand mark.

Residents and farmers must continue to report suspicious looking vehicles and persons to local Police at 10111 or Police Emergency number 0860010111 or MySAPS App.

The awareness campaign proved to be a fruitful gathering as authorities highlighted Ventersburg residents and stakeholders about illegal hunting.

The stakeholders and speakers included Lieutenant Colonel Gelderblom from Bloemfontein Provincial Office; Matjhabeng Municipality Councillor, Isaac Mphore; DESTEA from Bloemfontein, represented by LV Molorane; M Phakira from Virginia SPCA; K Mohapi and B Dibotelo from Department of Police Roads and Transport; Rural Safety Coordinator, Sergeant Wessel Bernardo; Community Policing Officer (CPO), Constable Donald Seitshiro; and Community Policing Forum (CPF).

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