Soweto man found with body parts attempted another suicide, court hears!

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On Monday morning the court heard that Hlabangwane had tried to commit suicide a second time.

The lawyer representing murder accused Flavio Hlabangwane has launched an application to have an inquiry into his mental state.

This follows his second suicide attempt since body parts were discovered in a freezer in his room.

Hlabangwane made a brief appearance in the Protea Glen Magistrate’s on Monday where he has been charged with murder. 

“This is the second attempt on his life. The first one was on the day of his arrest, where we are told that he tried to cut his wrists and was taken to hospital before he came to appear (last week) Monday.

Today earlier on, we are told that he tried to overdose on the medication that he received on the first occasion when he attempted to commit suicide,” said Mjonodwane.

Hlabangwane’s family, who were in court, quickly rushed out after the matter concluded.

The deceased’s identity has not yet been confirmed, but it has been widely speculated that it is a female related to Hlabangwane.

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