LGE 2021: Lejweleputswa Mayor Sebenzile Ngangelizwe casts three ballots

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At one of ANC’s dominated districts in Free State, Lejweleputswa mayor, Sebenzile Ngangelizwe has casts his vote in a thrilling mode of election day, on 1 November.

It is no secret that Lejweleputswa District has been, and still facing a number of crisis.

These range from financial to service delivery issues.

The District’s two municipalities that includes of Matjhabeng and Nala, recently faced an almost all week water-shutdown which caused devastation for citizens.

Trash collection has been another issue in the municipality. Masilonyana Municipality’s water issues have been ongoing for years.

Matjhabeng municipality stated the reason behind their shortcomings as the result of lack of funds.

In the 2016 local elections, ANC won 100% of Free State Municipalities and Metros, with only one coalition at Metsimaholo Local Municipality.

In an interview with Lejweleputswa Mayor, Sebenzile Ngangelizwe, he highlighted the importance local government. Ngangelizwe stated that local government is “in the centre of development goals of the country.”

Given how service delivery has been an issue in the district, the mayor emphasized that they would accelerate it. Furthermore, District Development Model (DDM) will “coordinate all municipalities” to help those in financial needs.

The mayor said the party was aware of people’s outrage due to service delivery issues, but was confident the ANC would get more than 50% in all voting stations.

In closing, Ngangelizwe stated they were prepared for a coalition government should been be.

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