Matjhabeng and Nala’s failure to settle bills, leaves residents facing ‘water crisis for days’

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Many of the residents across Matjhabeng, had no water running in their taps, and those with the means either buy water from water merchants and others dispersed to open dams to get access to water.

The water backlog heavily affected all six units, in the surrounding areas such as Thabong, Meloding, Nyakallong, Hennenman, Kutlwanong and Ventersburg, where residents spent over five consecutive days without water supply.

However, also in addition, the crisis also affected residents of Nala municipality.

The crux of the ailing matter, began when the water board’s creditors came to roost last week with the bulk of the pressure coming from Eskom.

The end result to this factor, ended up cutting supply to Sedibeng’s facilities to just four hours a day following non-payment.

Without electrical power for the vast majority of the day or access to water purifying chemicals, Sedibeng Water was forced to put immense pressure on Matjhabeng and Nala Local Municipalities so both municipalities can settle the bills.

Speaking to Kasi Voice News, Matjhabeng spokesperson, Khojane Matutle said the residents start to have water from today, as the water reservoir has been refilled since last week.

He said the issue of not restoring water took a lengthy time, as the restoration process takes over four to five days.

On the basis of the municipal debt of R4,4-billion, Matutle said, the issue of the hefty bill is now at the hands of the court, and the municipality will not give an overview in this regard.

“The issue of the debt is the matter that is with the court, we as Matjhabeng we dispute some of the figures as we believe they are highly exaggerated,” he said.

When reaching out to the opposition party, the Democratic Alliance‘s Chief Whip Maxie Badenhorst refuted the municipal’s comment indicating that some parts within the city has been dry for over six to seven days, the issue of the reservoir having to be dealt with in period of five days, labelled it as ‘false claims’.

“Mr. Matutle is not telling the truth on all the matters, however the money owed to Sedibeng being at the hands of the court is true, and we agree that is highly impossible that the municipality can settle monthly bill of R6-million every month,” said Badenhorst.

A humanitarian crisis: Residents from Meloding go as far as to break open the valve chambers to get water. These chambers are on the line from Virginia plant to Meloding.

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