Local Government Elections: PFA and ANC in loggerheads as threats rages on in Lejweleputswa!

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As local government elections draws closer to finally decides who will take charge of more than 278 municipalities, in the country, tensions are high as political parties are on edge to win portion of votes in their municipalities.

The newly launched political party Patriotic Front of Azania in Free State, has raised concerns that members of its party have received life threatening threats from the African National Congress.

Speaking to Kasi Voice News, the party’s leader Johnny Maseko said the party is worried some of ranging threats imposed on its party members, and has labelled these acts as hooliganism and barbarism.

“The ANC see us as a threat, as we have a strong hold of some wards in which they are in control of within Matjhabeng, PFA, has canvassed it self well for this upcoming elections, although we didn’t project to start go ahead with municipal elections this year,” said Maseko.

Voice of party leader, Johnny Maseko

It is alleged that the party’s Ward 7 candidate, Phakiso Makhosi in Meloding, Virginia received messages of intimidation and mysterious calls of death threats from the ruling party.

Moreover, the party said it is further concerned with ongoing vandalism posters within Virginia, Odendaasrus and Welkom.

Destroyed posters of Patriotic Front of Azania. Picture: Supplied

In response to these allegations, the ANC told Kasi Voice News in response to the queries raised that, there’s no threats that ranged from the party, and that the opposition party is using this stunts to tarnish good image of the ruling party within the district.

“The ruling party disagrees with what is alleged by the PFA and view the allegations in serious lite. The cannot interfere nor infringe the on right of anyone to contest elections,” the party said in response.

When asked if the party noted the code and ethics stipulated by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for parties to abide with, the party said, “Yes we are fully committed to free and fair electioning and adhere fully to the ethics tabled  by IEC.”

“Furthermore, the party is aware of the oath taken by its candidates and is committed to abiding by the rules and regulations as set out by IEC.

The ANC also addressed that, their party’s posters have also been destroyed, and this raises an alarm as, it appears that there’s an opposition party, that seeks to undermine fair election campaign.

“The party at this point knows not of any incident or individuals threatening other candidates and will encourage all affected parties to involve laws agencies in order to bring the matter to finality,” said the ANC in Lejweleputswa region


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