Malema: ‘EFF works tirelessly to remove ANC from power’

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The Free State province is plagued with allegations of corruption, poor governance, and service delivery, these were words of Economic Freedom Fighters‘ leader Julius Malema when addressing the crowd.

The EFF intensified their election campaign in Setsoto, Senekal on Sarturday, ahead of the local government elections in the coming weeks.

Speaking in front of attendees, Malema said the EFF is working tirelessly to root out corruption within the municipality of Setsoto.

“We were here last year, when we came in solidarity of farm workers who were under pressure from white farm owners, and yet again we are here to fight the corruption of the ruling party,” said Malema.

The red beret leader embarks on the very first election campaign in the province in an attempt to garner more votes for the red berets.

He also gave a harsh statement on the Asbestos saga in the province, highlighting that this has resulted in making residents sick.

While addressing community members, Malema urged voters to refrain from taking t-shirts instead of looking for jobs.

“I urge you all to stop canvassing around for t-shirts, as this will not bring food to the table. You should tell them you want jobs not t-shirts,” stated Malema.

EFF leader Julius Malema addressing crowd in Senekal. Picture: Twitter.

He also condemned the ruling party of victimizing women when they look for jobs, as it is alleged that party leaders within the municipality, sleep with women in exchange of job opportunities.

Meanwhile, other leaders of political parties are out again this weekend to garner more support as the local government elections draws closer.

South Africans have less than three weeks until they go to the polls.

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