Ramaphosa allegedly taking orders from Johann Rupert!

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Billionaire businessman, Johann Rupert, has allegedly orderd President Cyril Ramaphosa to fire ANC secretary general, Ace Magashule.

According to a highly placed source within Ramaphosa’s camp, Rupert allegedly called together Ramaphosa; former deputy finance minister, Mcebisi Jonas; and Old Mutual chairman, Trevor Manuel.

In their summon, Rupert told them if Magashule was not removed by the end of the week by ANC National Executive Committee, then Ramaphosa’s support and funding for ANC will be stopped immediately.

It was reported that the mining tycoon promised to end the media campaign in favour of ‘CR17’ if no action was taken in dealing with the party’s secretary general and his supporters.

Apparently, Magashule is not the only target in the firing line. Those identified as the “fightback” faction and supporters of former president Jacob Zuma, are expected to be dealt with and expelled from the ANC.

“Rupert is clear that if Magashule doesn’t go, then CR will no longer enjoy the support of Rupert and his associates. The president has no choice but to fire Ace and his Radical Economic Transformation (RET) forces”, said the source.

It is further alleged that amid the tense instruction, it was added that it was time to cleanse the ANC and “bury” supporters of RET for good.

The source stated this to be a fight for South African resources and a “showdown”. He further highlighted that RET had become a thorn for Ramaphosa and those who funded his billion-rand presidential campaign – because RET keeps opposing Ramaphosa’s unfavourable policies and his privatisation of state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

“RET is an irritation to both Ramaphosa and his handlers. They supported him so he could look after their interests and now they feel he is not delivering. RET policies are not favourable to Ramaphosa and his business associates. Their constant call for economic emancipation is irrational to Ramaphosa’s people,” said the source.

Among other orders allegedly made by Rupert, it is said he demanded that Ramaphosa calls his party members “into order and stop confusing people with their anti-progressive policies.”

“He has not only threatened to withdraw his financial backing to the ANC, he also said that he would ensure that the media stops writing positively about the President and those close to him,” the source revealed.

ANC is allegedly split along the lines of those for Rupert and those for the people of South Africa. Some within the party feel that the ANC has become a puppet of ‘white monopoly capital’.

“We have lost the ANC to those who refuse to transform this country. We are no longer in control as they call the shots. White monopoly capital has taken over,” said the source.

In 2017, Rupert publicly showed his disapproval of RET and said it was nothing but “a code word for theft”.

Rupert has publicly acknowledged Ramaphosa and said that he has known him since early 1990s and they formed a good relationship in 1994-1995.

The wealthy businessman was also reportedly instrumental in the removal of Zuma, who was forced out of office.

This is a developing story. Additional information will be added as it progresses.

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