Rival gangs fight claims two lives and leaves 12 in police custody

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Gang wars in Bultfontein result in loss of two lives and 12 youngsters with their fate in the hands of justice.

A BTK (Born To Kill) gang member was attacked and killed by a rival gang called Mapotoketsi (Portuguese) on Monday, 27 September 2021, in Bultfontein.

Four suspects were arrested in connection to the murder. Three others, who are well known are still on the run.

In a revenge, members of BTK attacked and killed a Mapotoketsi gangster. One suspect was arrested regarding this murder.

Arrested suspects for murder appeared before Bultfontein Magistrate Court Tuesday, 28 September 2021. The case was postponed Tuesday, 4 October 2021, for further investigation.

On trail day, Welkom Public Order Policing Reaction Team was called to intervene in a gang war. While on patrol in Tambo Section, Phahameng, the team spotted a suspicious group of young men was spotted.

The group was identified as members of BTK. They were walking in the streets carrying large dangerous objects including machetes.

These seven suspects, aged 17-29 years old were arrested for possession of dangerous weapons; attempted murder; Assault GBH; and Malicious Damage to Property.

The following weapons were found in their possession: Okapi knife; stainless steel knives; a blue home-made knife;and an axe.

Dangerous weapons found in possession of arrested suspects.

In addition, three knives; two home-made spears; and two knob-kirries were found in an open space in Tambo section.

All arrested suspects appeared before Bultfontein Magistrate Court on Thursday, 30 September 2021.

Acting District Commissioner of Lejweleputswa, Brigadier Mzondi Mojafi, applauded these POP Reaction Team members for intervening and ensuring stability and order in Phahameng by arresting the suspects.

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