Miss Spring Bloemfontein and NPOs reaches-out to Thabong community for heritage feast!

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Thabong – In the atmosphere jam-packed with back-to-back cultural activities, the occasion became a stimulating experience to draw interest of the 2010 community to celebrate Human Rights Month.

September is the month for heritage celebrations and to recognise different aspects of South African cultures, where citizens celebrate their diversity.

The so-much anticipated occasion drew interest from various youth groups such as Tswelopele and Phekong on Saturday, 25 September 2021.

These groups came to honour the special day organised by Miss Spring Bloemfontein Thembi Jacobs, Tswelopele and Phokeng organisations.

Organisers of the event together with various groups taking part in Heritage celebrations. This includes,
Lolly Mofokeng, Vivian Jacobs and Matshidiso Montsho.

The occasion entailed of traditional celebrations, as young talents entertained attendees with traditional rhymes, ditolobonya (Sesotho cultural dance), traditional dances and drama.

Energetic youth demonstrated their cultures with pride, and community members had to cheer and ululate with gratification.

The 1st Princess for Miss Spring Bloemfontein, Thembi Jacobs, came to show the spirit of Ubuntu as she donated bunch of gifts incorporating awards and vouchers to the winners of the day for Tswelopele and Phekong cultural groups.

“It became a fruitful occasion to recognise diverse cultures in our community, and to be more aware that we still have people that still pride their cultures,” said the jubilant Jacobs.

“Ke motlotlo haholo ka ho bona batho ba phelang ka disability ba nka initiative,”

she added in her profound Sotho language.

She stretched a helping as she donated toiletries to the two community organisations, and to people living with disabilities, stacked of vouchers and sanitary pads for young lasses.

Organizer of the event, Puseletso Lomile from Tswelopele says the broader vision of the occasion is to empower young talents with competitions facilitated between the two groups.

“The event honoured Heritage month, as our mission is to collect children from the streets so they can do extra mural activities and to get themselves around to enhance their lives,” she said.

Young people showcasing their artistic skills.

Lomile gave gratitude to Miss Spring who also played a vital role to ensure there’s swift run of the event.

Two conquerors of the organisation were selected from both groups, with Rorisang Machona and Tshepiso Ramajwe being crowned as the winners.

Miss Spring Bloemfontein together with winners of the first encounter, Tshepiso Ramajwe and Rorisang Machona.

“I am thrilled to be honoured as the winner, ke ipontshitse ka bokgabane ka ho hlahisa setso saka,” said young vibrant Rorisang Machona from Tswelopele.

Ramajwe who also showcased his talent he became the frontrunner amongst the top five.

“It came as a shock after being named as the winner, I thank my mentors who play a vital role in nurturing us well, and fulfilling us with overwhelming talent,” elaborates overexcited Tshepiso Ramajwe from Phekong.

“Heritage ke moo re ketekang setso sa rona ho kgaba ka setso sa rona, ke moo teng hape re hoptsang moo retswang teng,” he adds.

Approximately 50 children from two groups honoured the invitation to the event and showcased their talents in a  fun-filled day.

The day was organized to fulfil the mandate of youth upliftment and to make young proud to be of their versatile cultures.

Here’s sneak peak of memorable pictures for the occasion:

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