Boshof police officers celebrates Heritage Day in ‘Cultural-Style’

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The Boshof local police station took to Rolbalbaan in Boshof to celebrate heritage day in their stunning cultural attire.

This remarkable celebration is part of law authorities taking their batches off to honour the historical day where, South Africans reminiscence their cultural roots.

The event held on Thursday, 23 September 2021, resulted in a fruitful battle of the titans.

As the event unfolds, an exclusive competition between Sesotho and Setswana cultures came into effect between officers to show case their cultural attributes.

SAPS members taking initiative in the celebrations includes of
Nozi de Vos, Leonette Graas, Violet Goje and Julia Mokoena in their cultural clothing.

The criteria was based on preparation of food and dress code.

Later during the day, the judges, Zanele Zoko and Lettie Goosen came to take the fate between the two cultures.

The judges had a choice to select winners based on attire, taste of the food and drinks.

Winners for the day in terms of food and drinks, became the group led by Julia Mokoena.

While winners for decoration and attire became the team led by No de Vos.

Members of the SAPS were thrilled with the occassion of the day, and this included the Boshof SAPS Management led by Captain Lefu Thamae.

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