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Kamohelo Kama(19),is a young artist well-known as Karma Da Vocalist, born and raised at a small town in Johannesburg called Duduza,although it is a small town and doesn’t have much going on but it’s a place with peace, and has a supportive environment not only for artist but also in entertainment.

His music journey started when he was accepted at Lebello Combined School,at that time he was still in intermediate phase and the only thing he was focusing on was running and playing soccer as they were the most commonly sports that were played.

A week after valentine’s day one of his former mathematics teacher came to his class, telling them about the school choir competitions.

“At first I had my doubts but eventually I ended up joining the school choir group, I fell in love with it and as it enabled us to travel around the province of Johannesburg until when we went to Durban in one of the playhouses in Berea where I really fell in love with music”, said Kamohelo

He even went on saying that there were many reasons that made him choose music as a career, but one of the reasons is that through music he was able to see different places, the different cultures that are within south Africa and the knowledge that songs can carry a message that can touch other people’s souls.

Kamohelo’s wish is to set his mark in the music fraternity and to be able to connect with different people through music and entertainment and his voice could be heard.

Speaking to Kasi Voice News, Kamo says what motivates him the most is the support he gets from his family, friends and fan base.

He said sometimes he could be down and feeling like stopping but when he remembers that some of the songs that he releases, not only help him heal, but there are other people who need the message most that he often pass through music.

“I’m always thinking about changing my background as I have seen what my parents went through just to support me and helping me realize my potential and what I could achieve if I set my mind into it, sometimes it would be the feedback I get from those who were touched by that particular song and how it relates with them”.

He went on about saying that “The most important thing is to put your mind and efforts in your work, let it speak for you without you having to advertise yourself.”

“Being a musician ain’t easy, most of our parents don’t like it when they hear that we do music as career choices as hey have sent us to schools to become doctors or lawyers,” said Kamo.

Kamo says that it is up to youth to show their parents that music is the way go to change their background.

“Actually we can achieve something out of it and I mean a long term achievement, we just to put time and efforts to our work, last but not least we should love and respect what we do”, he added.

Kamohelo alluded that his mother has become a mentor throughout his life.

“She would always say I should remember where my pride actually comes from and that is none other than being Tsonga”, said an artist.

He says that he is inspired by self-acclaimed artist, Mlindo The Vocalist.

He is empowered with how he started his music career till at this point of his journey.

Kamo realized that age is just an odd number, he says: “if you are committed and respect what you do, the same thing will happen to you, your work will bear good results, giving you the opportunities you never had before.”

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