DISCIPLINARY ACTION TAKEN: What’s next for Khusela Diko?

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Office of the Presidency announced disciplinary action taken against President Spokesperson Khusela Diko, for her failure to disclose her interests in several companies as required by public service regulations on the disclosure of financial interests.

Following the disciplinary process, Diko has been served with a written warning for her failure to comply with the state on Tuesday, 31 August 2021.

The action taken by the President Cyril Rramaphosa is in compliance with a recommendation by the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) that Diko should be disciplined.

This recommendation arose from an SIU investigation into government’s procurement of COVID-19 personal protective equipment.

Then what’s next for Diko?

It is alleged that, Diko, currently on maternity leave, will not return to her previous position as Spokesperson, but to a different position in the public service.

The Presidency announced, Tyrone Seale will continue as acting Spokesperson to office of the Presidency.

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