Body of woman found brutally murdered, boyfriend then hangs himself!

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A young woman became the latest victim of gender based violence after she was found brutally killed by her boyfriend, in Hani Park, Welkom.

It is alleged that the woman identified as Qenehelo Rantheti, was last seen on the evening of Monday, 23 August 2021, and her whereabouts raised grave concern.

With worry and apprehension about her disappearance, concerned community members went on search the following day, and they discovered her lifeless body lying on the floor in her home, with the boyfriend having committed suicide.

“As we were worried of her whereabouts, we entered through the corrugated iron, after knocking several times on the door with no response, and we came across a lifeless body of Rantheti,” said one of community members, Alicia Tabita.

Delving deeper into this matter, she said: “We then contacted the police and instantly they arrived on the scene with emergency health practitioners, this is where the deceased was declared murdered by her boyfriend, and the autopsy detailed that Qenehelo was strangled to death.”

(Pictured) Ngeni Ayanda who strangaled Qenehelo Rantheti Qenehelo to death.

Rantheti’s family was angry and saddened by what happened to their daughter despite coming to terms with her death.

An inquest for the case of murder and suicide was registered by the police.

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