‘Operation Basadi’ yields positive results in Thabong

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Thabong: Braving the cold weather, women in blue flocked streets of Thabong to ensure safety is prioritized.

Operation Basadi was held on the 13 August 2021 from early hours of the morning at around 08:00 to 09:00 in Kgotso Pula Nala, next to Shoprite Complex.

This unique operation comprising of women in blue of Thabong SAPS, was led by Colonel Senobia Solomon, who is the Acting Station Commander of Thabong.

The Acting Station Commander of Thabong, Colonel Senobia Solomon standing close to search the vehicle together
with other SAPS members.

The operation successfully made arrests, and issued over 22 summons for Road Traffic Act and Non Compliance of Covid-19 regulations.

Over from 40 to 80 vehicles were searched.

The District Commissioner of Lejweleputswa, Maj Gen Lerato Molale appreciated this initiative by the Acting Station Commander of Thabong and team of women force.

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