AIRBORNE CRASHED: Aviation team leads investigation amid crash

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On Wednesday, 4 August 2021 at about 15:00, a 50 year old pilot was flying a helicopter alone, and scouting wild animals at Elim Wilds Camp farm, Hertzogville.

He lost control of the airborne, and it crashed to the Eskom electrical power poles and fell to the ground.

According to SAPS Spokesperson, Captain Stephen Thakeng, the pilot was checking wild animals when the chopper hit an electrical wires of Eskom which caused damages to poles and wild farm caught fire.

The power lines broke down and the helicopter caught fire and burnt down completely. The male pilot managed to escape and survived before the helicopter caught fire.

Aviation Authority is investigating the matter in terms of Civil Aviation Accident Act. The wild farm also caught fire and Eskom power lines and wires got damaged.

It is alleged that, the value of the damaged properties and veld fires is not known yet.

It is further reported that the Sundry wild animals are kept in this farm.

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