CUT students take matters into their own hands

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At around 22:00 on Sunday, 04 July 2021, CUT’s Bloemfontein Campus students marched to the university’s facilities to raise their concerns.

Citing their concerns, students are calling for a timely and adequate allocation of monthly allowances.

It is alleged that, there have been claims of tender irregularities with Fundi as an agency responsible for distribution of funds.

Furthermore, students claim the Student Representative Council (SRC) elections were fraudulent.

Concerns were raised regarding the matter, but the university gave the green light to the elections anyway.

Another matter students raised includes of unfair treatment and unethical suspension of students.

“The former SRC president is no longer allowed on the varsity’s premises because he is accused of terrorizing the staff and students when the only thing he does is fight for the allowances that the students are still not getting to this day,” said an anonymous former SRC member.

”There is a case whereby the reinstated vice chancellor,” source revealed to Kasi Voice News.

The issue of collapsed Assessment and Graduation Unit that has failed to rectify students’ marks from the previous academic year is also another issue that led to the protest.

Mob of students gathered at the entrance of the institution with burning tyres and chanting struggle songs, law enforcement personnel arrived at the scene and opened fire.

They used rubber bullets to disassemble the crowd.

CUT students clash with authorities amid the protest. Video supplied.

“We facing lots of problems at school. Not just allowance thing but the campus is doomed,” source who preferred to be anonymous revealed to Kasi Voice News.

“Every year, students go over same thing, having to fight in order to receive their allowances, CUT management does not send results to NSFAS then it decided to cut some students from getting NSFAS funding,” he further added.

One of the protestors revealed to Kasi Voice News that, there are students repeating modules due to the poor system facilitated by the University.

“We have students that keep failing modules. When the matter is raised with lectures, they are rude to us or instead they will tell us we are misleading them.”

The main issue amongst raised concerns has to be data allocation. Protestors said, “We have trouble with data allocation, data gets sent very late and they give half the night surfer to use during the day, 10GB during the day and 20GB for night.

Then they give tests, assignments and exams to be written and submitted mostly during the day or have 24hrs available online with 4hrs some it’s even 2 hrs. timer,” they said.

Students addressed that they have been engaging with SRC regarding these crucial matters, but it has turned a blind eye.

“They don’t update us with anything, instead they take decisions with the management deprived of engaging with us,” students stressed.

(This is a developing story.)

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8 thoughts on “CUT students take matters into their own hands

  1. Im a student at CUT since 2018. Im supposed to be doing final year but due to incorrwct marks capturing im forced to repeat somw modules i know i passed. Even last year i ended up being financially excluded because some modules said fail while i knew i passed them. Imagine having to appeal to NSFAS explaining why i failed when i knew i passed more then 50% of my modules. That institution is rotten to the core. I regret studying there…

  2. The university is not telling the truth because they hide what they are doing. At the end the truth always remains.

    The former president took it to his on hand when management failed the students and he was exposing the corruption they are busy with.

    We always get allowances late get in trouble with landlords

    The so called SRC was not elected by students. Even the independent candidates did not get the nomination form so that we can put them.

    Ask your self Can we just go out to the streets just to protests over nothing in this Tim’s of covid when we need to study

    1. SRC has been engaging on the issues affecting students just that the opposition party wants the sits in the offices, that is why they bad mouth the current SRC, if they really want to help students, why arent they helping without forcing the SRC to step out of the offices, as they assisted one another during their term of office? the welkom campus SRC has been attending same meetings with Bloem SRC regarding these issues of allowances, assessments and data of which data one is solved as student received 20GB for a day and 20GB for a night express, welkom SRC can attest on that. as for taking students numbers of the students claiming that they’ll assist them with allowanc hence they wil use them for petitions without knowledge of some students. I was assisted by the same accused SRC when i had no to place to stay in the beginning of academic year, living with elder men just to survive like other students but when i went to them i was given a shelter in Residence and food till i received my allowances. I really think students must go to our representatives if they want help so that they can recognize and help you. As they cannot know that you are suffering if you dont go to them and ask for assistance.
      What fellow students are doing to fight for their allowances and assessments i fully support them as i know the pain of not having funds and place to study when you get back from campus….i fully support them. iAfrika!!!!

  3. NSFAS issue out a new implementation that we have to submit lease agreements in order to get rental/accommodation allowances. I submitted my lease agreement on previous Tuesday. I was told that the will be processing those kind of allowances on the 1st of July. Nothing of that kind happened.

    But instead it reflected on the 4th on my student portal. Mind you I haven’t received even a single rental allowance for this year. So am owed to R16 500 of rental allowance by the institution, for 5 consecutive months. Today I receive only R3 300 of that amount. Where does the remaining R13 200 go to?

  4. The university is corrupt to the core n should be investigated, lectures are rude n sometimes inconsiderate. We write 24hrs test within 45min with no data. I lost my bursary last year because of malfunction of the institution, something needs to be done only ths year in March the case of my marks from 2019 was resolved… I had to see my self out the whole of last year. Even now I’m still running to their offices begging them to pay my allowances. They suspend student leaders who represent our view to suppress us. The last straw is wen they forcefully installed their MRC into our students office, who have shown nothing but disrespect to their constituency. They even went as far as making it clear that no one will remove them in that office because we did not put them there.

    We won’t allow that kind of behavior, we’re the community.

    I regret ever enrolling with ths university.

  5. We are not in the safe hands at CUT. Management enjoy seeing students on queues requesting one thing frequently. How come they last send our registration data to NSFAS in 2019 whereas we never dropped out, instead some of us we continued firmly from day one until now. We are now not funded because they failed to update our registration data and send it to NSFAS. We pray that they see what they are doing and rectify it before our future drip and fall.

  6. It is not only NSFAS funded students who are facing this also the students who are funded by SETA’s are struggling to get their allowances better NSFAS students get their allowances those who use SETA’s sometimes never even get their allowances when they do they only receive half of the amount they should be getting.

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