ANC celebrates 66th Anniversary of Freedom Charter

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Saturday, 26 June 2021 marked the 66th anniversary since the formation of the Freedom Charter. 

For the celebration, the African National Congress (ANC) held a virtual commemoration under the theme: ‘The land shall be shared amongst those who work it.

In 1955, the ANC sent out 50,000 volunteers into townships and the countryside to collect “freedom demands” from the people of South Africa. This system was designed to give all South Africans equal rights.

The ANC’s right wing, ANC Youth League unwrapped the session to announce importance of land to youth, mainly young farmers, young business owners and youth in rural communities.

According to ANC YL’s Fasiha Hassan, proactive youth wants practical measures when it comes to land expropriation.

“We also need to find ways to subsidise, financially and non-financially, the youth with things like land allocation to young entrepreneurs and farmers, and also with services like agri-tech,” she alluded.

The commemoration was also joined by notable former Ministers, former President Thabo Mbeki, former Premiers, and office bearers representing different Provinces.

They tabled suggestions on how land redistribution should go about.

Several Provinces stated that, there should be land expropriation and that Section 25 of the constitution needs to be amended. 

Giving a distinctive input on why land redistribution needs to be considered, Land and Reform Minister Thoko Didiza said, “The government is working hard to ensure land belongs to its rightful owners, however legal processed will be adhered to.”

She added that, the government is working hand-in-hand with various stakeholders and civil societies to reach the goal of giving land to indigenous people. 

It was however, disputed by Matthews Phosa that, there will be lawsuits if proper measures are not followed regarding land redistribution.

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