Bongani Hospital’s bizarre conditions deepens as patients left stranded!

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As Covid-19’s third wave takes spike in the Free State Province, patients remains concerned over bizarre conditions at Bongani Hospital.

The Bongani Hospital situated in Welkom, is on verge of its breaking point, as there’s rapid overcrowding crisis, health facilities deteriorating and an outside area converted into a holding ward.

The patients launched several complaints to the management concerning the inhumane conditions of the hospital, with no immediate action taken. 

The deeply concerning issues at Bongani Hospital are worrisome, and hitches at the hospital can be traced back since 2000.

On Thursday, pictures went viral on social media presenting a grim portrayal of the inundated hospital, where patients were left unattended at corridors, overcrowded hospital wards and grubby bathrooms.

Patients overcrowded in a single ward.
Two basins used for bathing
Some patients left with no beds at a reception area.

Amongst other issues raised, includes of ill-treatment towards patients, lack of proper food, delays in Covid-19 results, lack of social distancing and basic hygiene not being practiced. 

One of the patients told Kasi Voice News that, they are over 50 in a single ward with others sleeping on the floor.

“Since we’ve been here at the hospital we have been exposed to deteriorating conditions, toilets and showers are not functional, we are left with an option to use two basins in which are unhygienic,” complained the patient.

She further addressed that Covid-19 safety regulations are not adhered to, as they have not been provided with face masks.

“We are not even provided with face masks, and there’s no proper social distancing as we are in overcrowding space, “she added.

Another serious concern is administration of the hospital admitting more patients amid full capacity at the hospital.

Furthermore, there are patients with miscarriages not being attended to, lack of privacy in the theater passers-by can see individuals in labour and operations taking place, and people with disability are being discriminated against. 

There was an incident where one patient was sleeping in the store room of the hospital due to insufficient space, blankets and beds. 

(At the time of article placement, the hospital’s CEO office was called with no availability.)

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