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Online consumption of media is on a fast-growing trend. People are going online to find content they can read. With faster network services and the inception of smartphones, online content consumption has been rapidly increasing globally.

As the entire country transcends to digital migration, the media industry is also going digital as most publications have soft publications to engage with communities, instead of manual newspapers. 

Kasi Voice News is a diversified online publication that hopes to serve communities with informative news that are inspiring, engaging and educational. It is earmarked to serve small businesses around Lejweleputswa District in Free State in form of writing stories that will be valuable about their sector.

The news publication was founded by Mr. Thomas Lethoba. He brings over several years of experience in the field of media industry, corporate communications and government communication.

While establishing this new venture, the market research was analysed to mitigate ways to formulate a digital media outlet that will significantly benefit the community with well researched content.

Many entrepreneurs struggle in the area of marketing. Small business owners fail to see the value of having an active online presence. This is where Kasi Voice will leverage in this sector.

Guided by its key mission statement,Kasi Voice News pledge to play an indispensable role in facilitating dissemination of information and balanced reporting.

The broad visionary of Kasi Voice, is determined to make a greater contribution to the development and economic wheel of the Province, and to see young unemployed people in the Free State being skilled within a black-owned media institution, that will serve as an objective outlet that subscribers to Press Council’s code of ethics.

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