A new beginning chapter for Unclee Vega

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Upcoming vocalist and music producer Mandlaethu Dumezweni well known by his stage name “Unclee Vega” is on verge of breaking his comfort zone, as he aspires to make his name in the music fraternity.

Taking a toll with his first track, Ndiyabulela Mama, Vega says the track gives appreciation to his mother for playing a positive role in his upbringing.

“The song is dedicated to my mother for taking care of me. I am thanking her for all she has done for me, although tough times were there, she ensured that me and my siblings we never went to bed with an empty stomach,” he said.

A resilient Afro-Optimist of note, Unclee Vega hails from Welkom, Free State. He explains that he comes from a  unified family , as not only his mother played a positive role, but as well as his late father who ensured his family is well taken care of.

While taking us through the journey of where his love for music evolved, the 27-year-old says it all began from a tender age. “I used run to a local tavern that was near my area in Hani Park. I would dance along and be next to music players to oversee how they play decks.”

Unclee Vega indicates that as he aged, that’s when he realized that people are making money in music industry.

“I moved to Cape Town in 2016, and I began to have the idea to record myself.

As I continued, I reached what can be simply defined as a breakthrough in 2020, in whereby I recorded multiple tracks but, went for Ndiyabulela Mama, as I believed it stood up as the powerful hit that speaks to my inner soul,” he said.

Asked about his motivation, Vega said “If people were to ask me about what drives me, I would say my background is my motivation. I have the dream to change from point A to B.”

Unclee Vega detailed that he is currently working on his first EP titled Ghetto Deep House. The EP comprises of seven tracks, the release date of the EP will be announced on his social media pages.

The prominent artist can be followed on his social media platforms under the tag, Unclee Vega.

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