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Young creative Onika turn love for fashion into a successful brand

Everyone loves a good story, and for today’s conscious consumer, get to know more about the backstory of the brands and products they buy is increasingly important. Onika Mkiswa, a young Free State entrepreneur and founder of Onika Designs, is using the power of storytelling to advance the identity of the African design and modern fashion design.

It is interesting how Onika, has streamlined her career, earning herself magnificent customers who appreciate her stylish designs. Her accomplishments are way higher than you may think. One attribute that has enabled Onika to crash her limits and boundaries of diversification of her talents is determination.

Born Pulane Onika Mkiswa, ‘King O’ as she’s affectionately known by her peers, was born on December, 14, 1995 in the remote area of Queenstown, Eastern Cape, but grew up in Welkom, Free State. The 24-year-old started her school journey at Thabong Primary School, and went to Teto Secondary School, where she realized Art was made for her.

Pulane Onika Mkiswa

After matriculating in 2013, Onika persuaded with her studies and enrolled for Design and Studio Art, at Central University of Technology. An enthusiastic Onika, said although she went for a very highly competitive world of international fashion design, this didn’t become a case for her, as she’s coming with a new style of modern design in fashion world.

During her days as a prospective student, Onika decided to use her creative mind for a good use, as she established her very own Onika Designs, an incorporated fashion brand with athleisure wear. She further explained that, she started making and designing her own clothes as she loved fashion, and hated the idea that we have international brands that are too expensive.

She cited that when she was at her young tender age, she was inspired by her mother who used to knot and make clothes. This evolved as a motivation to also design clothing brands and love fashion.

“The way I used to do things during my schools days, this proved that I wanted to be a fashion designer. I grew up seeing my mom designing.

“I was motivated by how I want to change fashion, by people’s personality. I have been longing to design for the body and with wearable art, and I knew that I had put my talent to good use and into a bigger purpose” Onika emphasized.

Speaking, vividly about her journey, Onika entailed that it might not be an easy routine like the way people perceive it, she had setbacks, but she learnt that in life you have to stand out and to overcome your challenges.

The young entrepreneur said she uses can design all sorts of clothing, either street wear, underwings of Onika Designs or futuristic design, “I can design one garment in 5 designs, I use my innovative mindset to play with art of style.”

She further explained that she can design and brainstorm ideas almost every week and then decide on which ones to use.

When asked about her motivation for other people who want to see themselves persuading a career path in fashion design, Onika said people have to stay out of their comfort zones.

“You have to wake up with a purpose every day, people have to stay out of their comfort zones, and make a choice about their lives to shape their lives around,” she advised.

To view exclusive products of Onika Designs for her on the following social media accounts:

Facebook: Onika Designs

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Instagram: @45-69.petwussy

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